About Jo


Hi there! I’m Brandi Jo. You can just call me Jo, though. Welcome to my blog!

I’m a little bit different.

My therapist doesn’t even really know what to do with me. I keep surprising him, he says. He can’t quite figure me out.

I’m okay with that, honestly. I’ve never been one that likes to be pigeon-holed in to one set of defining characteristics.

Sure, there are certain personality traits that I carry and others that I don’t. There are definitely things about me that are constant and unchanging. My love for music, horses, whiskey and all things Dr. Pepper, to name a few. But there are also things about that don’t stay the same either. For example, my interest in reading. It comes and goes. Sometimes I read voraciously and other times, I’d rather watch another episode of whatever Netflix or Hulu show I’m binging at the time.

I’m a bit of a nerd.

I like spreadsheets. I like numbers. I like putting spreadsheets and numbers together. I like tracking numbers and seeing were they lead and what they tell me. I like figuring out what makes up a number and deciding whether or not it needs to change. Excel is a wonderful program and I use it every day. I like to put together accounting related puzzles and get those warm fuzzy feelings when our personal finances reconcile at the end of each month…or day. I love thinking about the future and structuring our lives in the present to reach future goals.

…but I’m also a creative.

I like the freedom that comes from unstructured days and music filled afternoons. Mornings wasted away with nothing to show for it but an empty coffee cup and a half-finished book. Moments of time preserved through the lens of a Canon and created to last forever in a picture frame. And hours upon hours passed by stringing letters together to create words, which group together to form sentences that stick together to create paragraphs, which pull together to – hopefully – move people.

Nerd and Creative. I am not one or the other. I am both.

Other than that, there is only one other thing you should know about me.

I love Jesus.

Oh! And I think you’re remarkable.

…okay, so that was actually two more things you should know about me. Sorry.


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