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Break Free: Financially

Jo / November 11, 2017

As I consider the idea of breaking free more, I realize that so much of it relies upon financial ability. Being in a place, financially, to handle the probability of a lack of income while pursuing self-employment possibilities is essential to the success of the journey. Stepping out on my own, though exhilarating, is also a terrifying thought for precisely…

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#write31days: Day 9 – Plan

Jo / October 9, 2017

I’m a planner. I like to look ahead and get an idea of what my next steps should be to get to a certain place or goal. I understand that those steps may change between here and there, but at least I can have some sort of roadmap. I live with a free spirit, though. He’s not a planner. He…

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3 Steps to Achieving Your New Year’s Financial Resolution

Jo / January 2, 2017

As another new year begins, I bet that many people have made some sort of financial resolution. Maybe it’s to get out of debt. Maybe it’s to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck. Perhaps it’s to build some savings. Or maybe it’s to fund a vacation¬†before actually taking the vacation. The resolution can take many shapes but the bottom line is still the…

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the steps to financial freedom

Jo / January 12, 2015

Our decision to become debt free really came out of the decision to just get a handle on our finances. Neither one of us grew up in homes that taught us good money management or personal finance habits so we naturally struggled with handling our money well as we got older. When we got married, we realized that we needed…

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